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Mercurial Mondays YOUTH (Ages 13 to 19)

Practicing German in a seriously fun way (Levels A2-B1)

  • Begonnen am: 16. Okt.
  • 320 Schweizer Franken
  • Safe Unternehmen Mitte Basel


There is no easy way to learn German, but at least we can make it fun. In this bilingual class, we will use the universal language of theater to get closer to German – and supplement with English so we don’t get lost in translation. Over the course of nine weeks, we will work on short sketches and improvised scenes. Should the need arise, we will even brush up on some grammar. And we will top it all off with a showcase, so you can impress all of your German- speaking friends, family members and co-workers; or endlessly confuse the ones who don’t speak German. That’s up to you…

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2. OG Bahnhofstrasse 27, Schönenwerd, Schweiz

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